Ozzy Osbourne Talks About His Unfulfilled Dream Inspired by Marilyn Manson

In the most recent episode of the podcast “The Osbournes,” Ozzy Osbourne discussed his unfulfilled Marilyn Manson-inspired desire. The musician was initially questioned by his son Jack about what he liked to do in his spare time. In response, Ozzy said: I aspire to be a talented painter and artist. When Jack inquired once more as to whether he was referring about conventional painting, the singer responded: “No, I want something that f*cking looks more like a work of art.”

Osbourne continued by discussing the subject of that piece of art: “The Marilyn Manson paintings you have, in my opinion, are very interesting paintings.” Kelly, the rock star’s daughter, entered the conversation and said: You don’t give yourself enough credit, Dad, in my opinion. I find your artwork to be amazing. Ozzy concluded by saying the following in regards to his paintings: “I merely do it for drawing. It reminds me of how you guys used to play video games. That is all I do for hours. But does it have any value? I’m not sure. The singer has long been fascinated in painting. Osbourne said the following in a 2015 interview with Entertainment Weekly when talking about perhaps stopping his career:

“Since I no longer use drugs, I must paint. I’m not really a decent artist, but. With his digital artwork inspired by bats, the Cryptobatz NFT collection, he has entered the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) market. The NFT Studio Sutter Systems collaborated on the project, which was unveiled in January 2022. The term “CryptoBatz” is a pun that combines “cryptocurrency” and the iconic Ozzy Osbourne bat-biting incident from 1982. The rocker’s 9,666 original digital works of art make up the CryptoBatz Collection. The “Ozzy Bat,” a digital artwork that features Osbourne’s distinctive eyeglasses and microphone, was the collection’s most outstanding item.

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