One of Jackie Chan’s bad habits could endanger his health

Jackie Chan does not receive the necessary rest. One of the most successful actors both domestically and internationally is Jackie Chan. He has performed all of the stunts that call for extraordinary strength, endurance, and agility in more than 150 films. The actor routinely exercises and maintains a fit body, but he also never diets. Although he does not starve himself, which may be a good thing, the action legend has a tendency that could be harmful to his health. Jackie Chan, the star of Rush Hour, spoke with WebMD and addressed some of the most significant queries regarding his health and safety as a stuntman. He stated that exercise was his best habit for taking care of himself, but for his worst habit, he said: “I hate to rest. It doesn’t affect me at all, though. I usually take a power nap, and my energy is back.”

Chan is the definition of a superhuman thanks to his martial arts prowess, but skipping sleep to increase productivity is highly harmful. By taking care of oneself, one is also allowing the body’s tissues, muscles, and organs to heal and be repaired. Even while taking naps is a wonderful habit, our bodies require a full night’s sleep to fully replenish their vitality. According to medical professionals, the body needs 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night to regenerate. Additionally, it is essential that people sleep in a peaceful setting free from interruptions. Chan stated that he prefers to take a nap at the studios in an article from Sin Chew Daily via The Star: “It is so fun at the studio. Whenever I sleep in my own room, usually no one disturbs me. Going home after work is so boring. If you ask me to go to sleep immediately, I will ruminate when the lights are off. That is why I am happiest when I am working.”

Unquestionably, Chan is passionate about making movies, but his poor sleeping habits are highly dangerous and could eventually hurt his career. Jackie Chan has been open about the wounds he has received while creating movies and pulling off feats. He has recognized that his body is no longer the same after numerous procedures and injections, according to Dimsum Daily Hong Kong: “I know that one day I will end up in a wheelchair or using crutches because even now, after receiving closed-door injections, my thighs still hurt from time to time, and my shoulders and waist as well. Maybe the effect of the medication is wearing off.”

Despite acknowledging his fear of needles, the 69-year-old action hero says it is the “fate of martial arts masters.” In fact, a lot of this might have been avoided if the actor had given himself enough time to relax and allow his body to recover from the harm it had suffered. Due to his age and injuries, Chan may no longer be acting in action movies, but that’s also a good thing for him because he can now properly take care of his health, which he neglected for a long time.

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