On how Bob Dylan broke her heart, Joan Baez

In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Joan Baez discussed her life and her previous relationship with Bob Dylan in advance of the release of a new documentary titled “Joan Baez I Am A Noise.” When asked how Dylan crushed her heart back in the 1960s, the singer revealed: “I think I’ve never felt anything so intense for someone. I believe you feel much more when someone walks away from you than if you walk away from them. I experienced a significant walk-away. Following her romance with Dylan, Baez married David Harris; however, the marriage ended in divorce in 1973. Therefore, the singer described her singleness in a recent interview when discussing her post-divorce life as follows: “I don’t want to take on anything else, like looking for the right mate. I declared, “I quit! This thought is so taxing. Meanwhile, according to a different interview with Variety from early 2023, the vocalist found closure in her breakup with the ‘Blowin’ In The Wind’ singer while, one day, listening to his music and doing his portrait in her art studio.

Then, she sent him a letter about it: “And that was it. I didn’t put a return address or an email or anything that was in any way trying to get something out of him; I just wanted him to know how much he meant to me. How much his music had meant to me. And I may never see him again, and that’s okay too.” On October 6, the documentary “Joan Baez I Am A Noise” will be released. It will feature the singer’s collection of home movies, correspondence, and artwork.

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