On her Eras Tour, Taylor Swift responds to a letter from a young admirer.

At her Eras Tour stop in Las Vegas, Taylor Swift granted the dream of a young girl called Bella, 7, by responding to a letter she wrote.

The heartwarming tale was shared by Bella’s mother, Gina Lanzino, earlier this week in a TikTok post. In the roughly three-minute-long footage, Lanzino said her daughter had written a letter ahead of the performance and was determined to deliver it to the singer of “Lavender Haze.”

I’m your biggest fan,’ the letter began, according to Lanzino. What’s your favorite color?’ I ask.

“[Bella] created a quick illustration and declared, ‘I’m bringing this to the concert and making sure Taylor gets this letter. I was kind of like, “Let’s try, but I don’t really believe that’s going to happen,” she continued.

When Lanzino got at the stadium, her daughter went up to an usher and asked him to give Taylor the letter. This started the whole scheme in motion. Lanzino and Bella were happily pleased after Lanzino initially believed it was the last she had seen of the letter.

Around halfway through the performance, she recalled, “several individuals came to our box and asked for Bella. “That’s my daughter, what’s going on?” I exclaimed. It was the letter Bella gave Taylor, and Taylor signed it. They then said, “We wanted to deliver this to you.”While Bella wrote her section number on the reverse, I honestly never in a million years imagined that this would be given back to her.

I just thought it was such a wonderful and cool thing for Taylor to do, so I just wanted to share that story,” Lanzino said. Taylor, if you read this, please accept my gratitude for making my 7-year-old happy.

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