Noel Gallagher Discusses His Worries About Letting Oasis Fans Down

Noel Gallagher recently talked to the Sun about his concerns about disappointing Oasis fans when they see him live. In contrast to his wild past, the former Oasis star noted that he now leads a peaceful life. He expressed concern that his typical day-to-day activities could disappoint fans who view him as a rock star. Noel clarified: “No one will even blink an eye if I go to the supermarket right now and do some weekend shopping.” People seem a little let down when they see you purchasing soup, in my opinion. They seem to believe that you are on a private plane with hookers, which is, to be honest, where I belong, so they kind of don’t want you to be in the same grocery line as them. These days, the musician is frequently spotted grocery shopping for commonplace products like salmon or brown rice, and he worries that these unremarkable interactions will disappoint his fans.

Gallagher continued, stating: “In the supermarket, I’ve been asked numerous times, ‘What are you doing here?'” I’m awaiting a cab. What on earth do you think I’m doing in this place? I’m just f*cking buying for myself. They ask, “You shop for yourself?” and I respond, “Yeah, but I had to fire my butler, which is something else I should have done.” Noel has come a long way since Oasis’s prime, and he even admitted that there was a time he paid fans to run his errands around town. He continued, saying: “I don’t recall ever visiting a store in the 1990s. I once persuaded admirers to buy things for us. I would give them a shopping list and say, “I’ll tell you what, if you go and get us that, I’ll give you a picture and an autograph and a cuddle as well.

” When they asked for a picture, I would oblige. Fans were anticipating for a reunion with Liam’s impending “Definitely Maybe” tour to celebrate the album’s 30th anniversary, even though Oasis’ golden days are over and the Gallagher brothers had been apart for over ten years. As Liam has previously stated, he extended an invitation to his brother to join the tour, but the sibling turned it down. The rock star later replied to a fan who inquired about the trek and whether it would end any rumors of Oasis reunions in the future by saying: “I have no idea how his ritual works these days; all I know is that I’m here, I’m going there, and if everything goes according to plan, I’ll be f*cking everywhere.” Liam will perform well-known songs like “Whatever,” “Fade Away,” “Listen Up,” and “Sad Song” during the trip. June 2, 2024, is when it starts in Sheffield, and it ends on June 27. Paul Arthurs, popularly known as Bonehead, who co-founded Oasis with him, is anticipated to accompany him.

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