Noel and Liam Gallagher were attacked during a concert in Canada, suffering injuries from which they will never recover

A fan attack at an Oasis concert in Toronto left brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher permanently scarred. Oasis was one of the most successful and acclaimed bands in the world at the height of their career. Fans all across the world were willing to spend a lot of money to watch Oasis perform live before they recorded the album that arguably wrecked them. Unfortunately for music fans who enjoy seeing their favorite artists play live, several performances have been marred in recent years by audience members throwing objects on stage. In certain situations, artists have retaliated against fans, such as when Cardi B and Bruno Mars tossed objects at fans during concerts. Unfortunately, hazardous occurrences at concerts are not uncommon, as a fan once attacked Oasis at a performance many years ago. When Was Noel Gallagher Assaulted Live? When individuals from other nations talk about Canadians, stereotypes are frequently mentioned. In many cases, this involves criticizing the way Canadians say certain words or the words themselves.

The most frequent stereotype about Canadians, though, is that they are all nice. While it is true that Canadians are generally polite, doing something stupid has nothing to do with which side of the border someone was born on. Unfortunately for Noel Gallagher of Oasis, he was the victim of someone who came to see the band perform in Toronto. Years before their breakup, Oasis performed at the V festival in Toronto in 2008. The chaos that would ensue during Oasis’ set was caught for posterity thanks to blurry film of the concert that was uploaded to YouTube. An anonymous figure appears behind the band in the middle of their performance. As it turned out, the person had gatecrashed the concert with the intention of watching bands perform live and enjoying the music. Unfortunately for Noel Gallagher, that fan can then be seen racing from behind at the artist. There was no way for Noel Gallagher to prepare for what was about to happen because he had no idea an uninvited guest had made his way onstage. After sprinting toward Gallagher, the fan pushed him from behind, forcing him forward onto his knees. Following that, the fan turned and started walking toward Liam Gallagher.

After Noel Gallagher collapsed, security stormed the stage and intervened in what was about to occur. Fortunately for Liam Gallagher, security moved swiftly enough to prevent the fan from making touch with him. Even though Liam Gallagher was not wounded in the event, the fact that a fan rushed the stage to attack him is sad. What Happened After An Oasis Fan Attacked The Band Members? As of this writing, there have been numerous allegations of fans throwing objects at musicians onstage. Because Harry Styles appears to have become an expert at catching items thrown at him, his shows aren’t disturbed when these things happen. Because security stopped the fan before he could approach Liam Gallagher, he escaped the scenario uninjured. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Noel Gallagher would subsequently divulge the extent of his injuries sustained during the incident. The fan who attacked Noel Gallagher was out of control after the event, according to Toronto police. “Police reported that Sullivan was resisting, struggling, and screaming as he was being arrested.” Despite his attempts to elude authorities, the fan was apprehended and recognized. The fan who attacked Noel Gallagher was later identified as Daniel Sullivan, a 48-year-old guy. Sullivan would later admit that he was drunk at the time of the incident. Because of his mental state, Sullivan claimed to remember climbing over security fencing after the incident but had no recollection of being onstage. While Sullivan’s acts were heinous, he should never have been allowed to hurt anyone. However, security at the V Festival that night was said to be far too lax.

“It appears that no one attempted to prevent Sullivan from gaining access to the stage until he was tackled by Oasis,” the report says. After being arrested, Sullivan was charged with and pleaded guilty to assault inflicting bodily harm. During Sullivan’s trial, the prosecution asked for a six-to-eight-month prison sentence for Noel Gallagher’s attacker. Despite that request, Sullivan’s trial judge deemed him to be really sorry for what he’d done. Sullivan also had no criminal record previous to hitting Oasis’ Noel Gallagher, according to the judge. For these two grounds, the judge opted against incarcerating Sullivan at all. Sulivan was instead sentenced to a year of home arrest. Sullivan was permitted to leave the house for work during his sentence, but he was not permitted to consume alcohol. Sullivan was apparently able to leave the problem with Noel Gallagher behind after serving his sentence. After all, there have been no reports of Sullivan ever doing anything like to what he did to Noel Gallagher. However, according to a statement read out in court during Sullivan’s trial, Noel Gallagher found it difficult to put the incident behind him. Instead, Noel Gallagher stated that he was in excruciating pain for eight months after the attack. Noel Gallagher recalled the ferocity of the attack he received at the hands of Sullivan during his statement. “It felt like I’d been hit by a bus, with the sudden impact and shock.” Noel Gallagher later wrote that he “ended up in a heap on the floor.” Finally, Noel Gallagher highlighted the long-term effects of the attack, claiming he would “never really recover” from it.

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