Nobody Will Ever Hear Dave Grohl Perform A Classic Foo Fighters Song With Taylor Swift

Swift “saved” Grohl with the unexpected duet, according to Grohl. Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour” is now sweeping over stadiums around the world. Swift’s career is being celebrated with a globe tour. Her musicianship, composition, and vocal abilities have attracted people all over the world. It has also captured the attention of other artists, some of whom are legendary. Paul McCartney of The Beatles is one of those legends. For a long time, McCartney and Swift have demonstrated mutual admiration for one another. Swift was one of several attendees at McCartney’s residence for a party one night. Dave Grohl, the leader of the Foo Fighters, was also present at this gathering. Grohl would later explain how he ended up performing an impromptu duet with Swift, which “saved” him.

Paul McCartney has revealed that Taylor Swift was the inspiration for one of his songs. Many of McCartney’s fans were astonished to hear that one of his album’s compositions, “Egypt Station,” was inspired by Swift. Swift’s personal situation and her relationship with her fans inspired the song “Who Cares.” In a BBC interview, McCartney discussed Swift and the song’s inspiration. “I was actually thinking about Taylor Swift and her relationship to her young fans, and how it’s sort of a sisterly thing,” McCartney explained. “And I imagined myself asking one of these young fans, ‘Have you ever been bullied?'” ‘Are you bullied?'” Swift would also discuss McCartney’s effect on her in an interview with Country Music Channel. “I discovered his music on my own as a child, and then bought all of the Beatles and Paul McCartney tapes and CDs I could find,” Swift explained. “Paul writes in such a brilliantly simple way about his life and the lessons he’s learned about love.” I feel as if I’ve been granted access to his heart and intellect.

” Swift would eventually meet her idol after one of his gigs, backstage. “When I met him backstage at his 2010 concert in Nashville,” she said. “I recall being pleased because he was such a nice person. “Seeing him sing ‘Blackbird’ live will always be a memory I will cherish.” Paul McCartney intended to perform ‘Shake It Off’ with Taylor at Glastonbury. Swift and McCartney’s mutual admiration was on full show when they interviewed each other for Rolling Stone in 2020.The talk was full of surprises, including McCartney’s unexpected plans for the Glastonbury Festival in the United Kingdom, which was canceled because to the epidemic. “Wouldn’t it have been fantastic?” “And I was going to ask you to play with me,” McCartney explained to Swift. “Were you going to invite me?” Swift inquired. “I was hoping you would.” I was about to ask you.”

“I would’ve done’Shake It Off,'” McCartney admitted. “I know it, it’s in C!” Dave Grohl was saved by Taylor. During Paul McCartney’s House Party Swift and McCartney’s mutual admiration for one another makes it easy to see them hanging out together. However, Dave Grohl was also present with the two at a party at McCartney’s house one night. During an interview on The Late Late Show With James Corden, Grohl discussed what it was like to play with McCartney. “When you go to jam with him, you’re actually jamming with Paul McCartney,” Grohl explained. “But there was one time at a party that we all went to, and I wanted to leave early because I had to get my kids to the bus stop at seven o’clock in the morning.” Despite informing his wife that they had to leave at 10:30, Grohl said that’s when the party got “really good.”

“Paul got up and started playing this song on the piano, and it was a brand-new song,” he explained. “It was incredible just sitting in his living room and watching him play the piano.” When he was finished, everyone came to me and said, ‘Alright, Dave, play a song!'” On The Howard Stern Show, Grohl compared the experience to a nightmare “where you’re naked and running backwards, and you’re in school, and your teeth are falling out.” “I can’t play piano, and I was feeling a little out of sorts at the time,” Grohl explained to Corden. “I’m like, ‘Oh my god, what do I do?’ because all of the guitars are left-handed.” ‘What should I do?’ Taylor Swift then rises up and declares, ‘I’ll do a song.’ As a result, she saved my a**.” Grohl was then taken aback by what transpired next.

“I’m looking at my wife as if to say, ‘I know this song.'” ‘What is the name of this song?’ “She was playing ‘Best of You,’ by the Foo Fighters,” he explained. “I just kind of slumped down, like, ‘Oh god, this is…'” But she was singing it so beautifully. It sounded fantastic. So I walked up next to her and began singing along. ‘Singing’ along with her. Because I sung it the way I wanted to sing it [screams lyrics]. Paul and the piano are right next to one other. It was insane.” Swift will subsequently recollect this encounter in a Rolling Stone interview with McCartney in 2021. “I was playing it on the piano, and he didn’t recognize it until about halfway through,” Swift said. “I seem to recall Woody Harrelson getting on the piano and starting to play ‘Let It Be,’ and I was thinking, ‘I can do that better.'”

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