Nobody even knew that System of a Down was involved in several lawsuits

System Of A Down fans will undoubtedly be interested in learning about these lawsuits. Even Jason Momoa can’t get enough of heavy metal because the genre is so adored. System Of A Down has experienced considerable success while producing this style of music, in addition to the obvious classic heavy metal bands like Metallica, Slayer, and Black Sabbath. Since the 1990s, John Dolmayan, Shavo Odadjian, Daron Malakian, and Serj Tankian have collaborated on numerous hit songs, including “Chop Suey!” They have a reputation for being sassy and following their own path, as evidenced by the occasion that System Of A Down’s behavior during a performance on SNL led to a ban. However, the band doesn’t receive as much media attention as some other acts, which may be why fans were unaware of the two lawsuits.

Shavo Odadjian, a member of System of a Down, sued a security firm
Starting with “System of a Down” in 1998, System Of Down has put out five albums. They released “Steal This Album” in 2002 after putting out “Toxicity,” their second album, in 2001. The group put out two albums in 2005, titled “Mezmerize” and “Hypnotize.” Sadly, since 2005, they haven’t released any brand-new songs. Since then, there hasn’t been any good news, despite the hopes of the supporters. The band was involved in a lawsuit at the same time that they were at the height of their renown and celebrity in the early 2000s. Shavo Odadjian sued DuHadway Kendall, a security firm based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in March 2003, according to MTV. Odadjian wanted “monetary damages,” although the precise sum wasn’t disclosed, according to MTV. The System Of A Down musician claimed that a security guard injured him on October 20, 2001, when the band performed with Slipknot. The musician presented a story that sounded horrific, despite Brian Vincent, the attorney for DuHadway Kendall, claiming that this didn’t happen.

Odadjian claimed to have been in a group and that when they attempted to re-enter the concert area so they could see the performance, the security guard was stern and asserted that they weren’t permitted to be there. The guards were hostile and violent, according to Odadjian. The lawsuit claims that as a result, the man had “serious personal injuries and damages including his face, nose, eye, shoulder, and back; and he was caused to suffer pain and bleeding in his nose for long periods of time.” Additionally, he said that the guards made fun of his past. Odadjian reported the incident to the Grand Rapids police, claiming it to be an assault and battery. There is no more information available regarding this lawsuit. Shavo Odadjian, a member of System of a Down, and DuHadway Kendall might have reconciled. Since this was a civil issue, it didn’t seem like the bassist was interested in going to trial. In interviews, Odadjian has avoided discussing this litigation, and the group doesn’t appear to have brought it up in the intervening years. “B.Y.O.B.” caused System of a Down to be sued. Fans of System Of A Down first heard “B.Y.O.B.” from the band in 2005.

The song is actually about the Iraq war, despite the title suggesting otherwise. This song is the best illustration of the band’s practice of expressing their political views through their music. In 2010, System Of A Down was able to resolve a lawsuit over “B.Y.O.B.” The band won the case, which is good news for them. The Hollywood Reporter claims that Daron Malakian, the singer and guitarist for System Of A Down, and Casey Chmielinski agreed that Chmielinski will make an album for Malakian’s label, EatURMusic. However, following that, they had a hard time getting along, and that’s when the issues started. Because he contributed to the songwriting for “B.Y.O.B.” by System Of A Down, Chmielinski claimed he should receive a larger share of the income. Although he received two percent, he claimed it wasn’t enough. The New York District Court Judge Robert Sweet concluded that Chmielinski had not contributed significantly to the creation of the System Of A Down song “B.Y.O.B.” Judge Robert Sweet reportedly told The Hollywood Reporter that the “first line of the chorus, opening guitar riff, and bridge section” from the “jam sessions” wound up in the final album. Other than that, he thought the music was sufficiently unique. The band members of System Of A Down avoided talking about this litigation and haven’t done so in recent years either.

The band hasn’t been as active in general during the last ten or so years. In actuality, due of the release of the band’s final album in 2005, fans believed that it had disbanded. It can be difficult to support a band or musician while patiently waiting for news on when or if they will release new music. Daron Malakian revealed some things that some fans might not have wanted to hear after System Of A Down’s 2010 tour. He added that one band member wasn’t interested in doing additional music with the group. I don’t want to throw Serj under the bus; he is a buddy and someone I care about, but I don’t know how to change his attitude, Malakian reportedly stated, according to Billboard. He is firmly entrenched in his way of thinking despite the fact that we have all sat down and held discussions. Even though it’s depressing to consider that System Of A Down won’t ever collaborate on new songs again, certain band members are still active in the music industry. Despite only having recorded two albums—one in 2008 and one in 2018—Malakian’s band, Scars On Broadway, has had considerable success.

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