Nikki Sixx asks a woman to protect his family from “threats of death”

In a recent Instagram post, Nikki Sixx of Mötley Crüe disclosed that he has been the target of unsettling threats from an individual posing as him or his family. The bassist claimed that this stalker is disturbing his family and that the FBI is investigating the matter. This is not the first time he has experienced this kind of issue. In his statement, he wrote:

Like a lot of other well-known people, my family and I received threats and harassment from a stalker. I have never seen or seen this insane woman from Tennessee before, but she threatened to kill my wife and kid. This person was certain that she had some sort of connection to me, not just some internet troll.

Legal Actions And Defense Initiatives. He went on, revealing the specifics of that female stalker: “I had to go to court multiple times and get restraining orders because of her harassment, which continued for a long time and became more frightening. She repeatedly disregarded the restraining orders. Consequently, the court deemed her behavior to be severe enough to deem her in contempt of court and issue an arrest warrant. My gratitude goes out to the judge, the court employees, and my legal counsel for keeping my family safe.

Second Emergence of Stalkers. Sixx continued in the remainder of his testimony to mention another zealot who pays them menacing attention, noting: “Now, a different stalker from across the nation began acting in a similar manner, even making the trip to my house to make threats against our lives. Right now, the FBI is looking into this. It is one thing to make threats against my life, but it is extremely concerning when those threats are directed towards my spouse and kids.

The singer ended his message with these remarks. He resides in Wyoming with his wife, Courtney Sixx, and their 4-year-old daughter, Ruby. “This is not what they deserve. We appreciate how seriously and quickly these threats have been taken, and we thank the FBI, law enforcement, investigators, and the legal and court system for their efforts. I’ll do everything it takes to keep my family safe.

Stars Dealing With Unsettling Fan Behavior
Numerous celebrities encounter frightful fans from time to time. In July, Johnny Rotten of Sex Pistols also disclosed that he had reported to the police an obsessive stalker who was trespassing on his property and placing letters in his mailbox. In addition, he received calls from the stalker and spoke with her face-to-face. He reported these occurrences to the sheriff’s office in order to start an inquiry for stalking.

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