NBA – Scarlett Johansson and Kevin Durant’s insane drag routine!

It is common knowledge that there can occasionally be amusing stories about NBA players and female celebrities. A few weeks ago, a player revealed that he had unsuccessfully tried to win over Zendaya and Ariana Grande by slipping into their direct messages. A short while after being selected, Joel Embiid tried unsuccessfully to charm the rap star Rihanna.

If not for a purported totally fictitious date with Lana Rhoades, Kevin Durant is reputed to have a sentimental life that is nonexistent at the moment. But, even though it does it in an odd way, it does not prevent us from admiring some personalities.

Thus, in 2011, he wrote a bizarre letter to actor Scarlett Johannsson, of whom he is a huge fan:

It is well known that the Slim Reaper has a fairly unique communication strategy on social media. But there, one still anticipates summits. Would that be evidence of his devotion to the Marvel movie star? If that were the case, then, in the absence of anything else, one could praise his originality. Without much of a surprise, even years later, the fans’ skepticism of this story was evident.

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