‘My Effin Life’ Memoir author Geddy Lee has announced a North American tour

Geddy Lee, the leader of Rush, has some exciting news for his followers. According to SPIN, he will embark on a book tour for his biography, My Effin Life. The book will be published by Harper Collins on November 14. The singer/bassist will embark on a promotional tour for the autobiography on November 13 at the Beacon Theater in New York City and will wrap up at Massey Hall in Toronto, Canada, where he was born and raised. The brief North American tour will visit the following cities: New York, New York; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; National Harbor, Maryland; Boston, Massachusetts; Cleveland, Ohio; Montréal, Quebec; Vancouver, British Columbia; Seattle, Washington; San Francisco, California; Los Angeles, California; Denver, Colorado; Chicago, Illinois; Detroit, Michigan; and Toronto, Ontario. It will take place from mid-November to early December.

Lee described what it meant to him to write the book in a press release, saying: “Writing this book has meant spending so much time living in the past. I’ve always looked forward rather than backward, which is why I’ve put off doing this kind of stuff for so long. Being a band member for all those years was comforting because it was a constant. It seemed to take an eternity. The next record, the next set design, and the next tour were always unfinished business. My life has been centered around it. I can only hope that writing this book will free me up to return to what I do and love most because it takes a lot more resolve to move forward in the music industry without the support of your comrades. Lee will be joined by a special guest who will moderate the conversation at each site on the tour. He will talk about his time in Rush, share tales from his youth, and take questions from the audience.

A copy of the book will be included with ticket sales. From Tuesday, October 3 at 10 a.m. to Wednesday, October 4 at 6 p.m., there will be a pre-sale. This Friday, October 6 at 10 a.m. local time, the general public will be able to purchase tickets. Each ticket purchased will contribute $1 to the Neil Peart Memorial at Lakeside Park Fund. You may find here information about tickets and tour dates. 2016 saw the conclusion of Rush’s final extensive R40 Tour. There was still hope that the band would continue even if they were essentially finished. The band, however, came to an end in 2020 when drummer Neil Peart passed away from brain cancer. Guitarist Alex Lifeson stated, “Neil’s not here to be a part of it, so Rush will never exist again,” in an interview with Eddie Trunk in 2021.

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