Mike Shinoda Speaks About Linkin Park’s ‘Lost’ Record With Chester Bennington

Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda recently revealed facts about the band’s hit, ‘Lost,’ and opened up about the song’s origins and reflections on recording it with late frontman Chester Bennington. The song was included as an unreleased track in the band’s 20th anniversary version of their album, ‘Meteora.’ During a recent interview with The Project, the rocker revealed the following music from the ‘Meteora’ era: “The irony of ‘Lost’ is that it was literally lost.” We wrote that song for ‘Meteora,’ and you write a lot of songs, and you reduce them down to 12 that wind up on the album, and it was the 13th song. We kept it off the album because we had a song called ‘Numb,’ and we were like, ‘Yeah, we don’t want two songs in this sort of atmosphere, so we’ll just leave ‘Lost’ for later,’ and we just left it on the hard drive.” When asked about the first time they recorded the song and whether he views the lyrics differently now, the singer disclosed who wrote the majority of the songs: “When looking at songs or albums like these, I think it’s tempting to try to create narratives.

” When we were writing songs, some of the songs I wrote for him to sing, some of the songs I created with him, and some of the lyrics he wrote and we worked on them together, there were very few songs that he wrote entirely on his own.” He made it obvious that a song’s lyrics and sentiments are not necessarily about the person. Shinoda explained their motivation for writing songs: “It was our job to get the best and most accurate, truthful nucleus of an idea into the song.” Sometimes it’s not even about the individual.” In an earlier interview, the rocker implied that they couldn’t have ‘two Numbs’ on their album and admitted that he had completely forgotten about the single.

In another interview, he discussed the gloomy aspect of the lyrics and his late companion. According to him, Bennington would sit in silence from time to time to contemplate and intensify his negative feelings into his songs. The ‘Meteora’ edition included six previously unheard songs, the first of which was ‘Lost.’ The song provided listeners an opportunity to hear Bennington’s voice for the first time since his death. See the most recent interview below.

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