Mike Portnoy, the drummer for Dream Theater, will be returning

Dream Theater, a progressive metal band, declared the return of Mike Portnoy, their original drummer. When Portnoy, John Petrucci (guitar), and John Myung (bass) founded the ensemble in 1985, it was still known as Majesty. Since then, the group has seen a few lineup changes, with keyboardist Jorda Rudess joining in 1999 and singer James LaBrie joining in 1991. After deciding to quit the band in 2010, Portnoy went on to play in a number of other bands, including Twisted Sister, The Winery Dogs, and Sons of Apollo. The band announced that they will start work on their 16th studio album, which will be their first with the drummer since 2009, in an official statement regarding Portnoy’s comeback. Regarding his coming home to Dream Theater, Mike Portnoy said, “I am overcome with excitement to be returning home and rejoining with my brothers! We all share a great deal of common history.

A plethora of memories and songs…to consider that this adventure has been going on for almost 40 years!” “I’m really excited about the prospect of working on new songs with you all, and I can’t wait to tour and perform live for a fresh audience that hasn’t seen this lineup before. Nothing compares to home! stated Mike Portnoy. Along with praising the band’s now-former drummer Mike Mangini, guitarist John Petrucci also discussed the drummer’s homecoming. “Mike Mangini’s drumming is incredible, and I’m so happy he was able to work with Dream Theater.” I’m incredibly pleased of the incredible music we created together, which led to our first Grammy victory last year, as well as the innumerable memorable experiences we’ve had together on stage over the previous 13 years. “I’m hoping for the best for him in his upcoming musical pursuits. It gives me great pleasure to see Mike Portnoy return to Dream Theater! As a founding member of the band, a close friend, and a drummer of extraordinary talent and creativity, I am confident that his comeback will infuse DT with a fresh enthusiasm, drive, and spirit that all of us—including our fans—will gladly embrace. I’m eager for us to get back into the studio together and roll up our sleeves! said John Petrucci.

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