Mike Portnoy on receiving an offer to replace Charlie Benante in Pantera

Former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy recently spoke on That Rocks! to discuss Pantera’s new lineup and whether he would take Charlie Benante’s place. While discussing Pantera, the drummer was asked if his name was ever considered for the drum position. Portnoy expressed his love for Benante and stated whether or not his name had been mentioned: “You’d have to ask those guys; I’m not sure.” Obviously, I would have done it in a heartbeat, but Charlie is the perfect fit for the job. He’s doing a fantastic job, and I don’t think it was ever my job to have; as far as I’m concerned, it was always Charlie’s.” The drummer then mentioned his superband skills reminisced instances when they and Pantera shared the stage: “I’ve already had the pleasure and honor of playing some Pantera songs with Phil [Anselmo] and Rex [Brown] over the years with Metal Allegiance, as we were just discussing because they’ve both done Metal Allegiance with us.” Phil’s first post-Pantera performances of any of those Pantera songs were with us in Metal Allegiance.

” He made it plain that he was not angry about not being the band’s new drummer and expressed his appreciation for Benante once more: “So I’ve already had the pleasure and honor of jamming with those guys, and that was enough for me.” Charlie is doing well, and I am pleased for him.” In addition to his adoration for Benante, Portnoy previously expressed his feelings about the late drummer Vinnie Paul. Pantera, according to the drummer, were the exact band needed in the metal scene at the beginning of the 1990s since the Big Four were ‘knocked out of style by grunge.’ Furthermore, he stated that he had previously been listening to Benante’s drumming before hearing Vinnie Paul’s, but considered the late drummer was ‘the next guy in line to carry the torch for the thrash or groove metal movement.’ See the most recent interview below.

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