Mike Portnoy is accused of going behind Jeff Scott Soto’s back

In an interview with the Metal Mixtape, Jeff Scott Soto recently accused Mike Portnoy, his bandmate from Sons of Apollo, of whispering behind his back. A few days ago, Dream Theatre announced that they will be beginning work on their upcoming album and tour, and Portnoy revealed that he would be joining them full-time. Though fans were pleased to see Portnoy returning at Dream Theatre, Soto was a little resentful of the drummer for “going behind his back.” Says the frontman: “To start with, I’m furious at Mike because I think we’re really good friends and he didn’t tell me… To be honest, I had no idea. The frontman of Dream Theatre expressed his gratitude for the band’s reunion even though he had no idea that they would be getting back together.

“I had the feeling that the reunion would eventually occur or be possible. How mean could that not be, really? Given the significance of that band to both his life and music history, it would seem reasonable for them to perform again. Well, even though Soto seemed to be in favor of the band’s return, it didn’t seem like he was hoping for a “full-time” reunion. The performer made note of: Dream Theatre supporters should be happy that he decided to rejoin the band full-time as I hadn’t anticipated this. Everyone is thrilled; they are all overjoyed. Furthermore, it makes total sense for us because I won’t have to duck the constant query, “What’s next for Sons of Apollo?” Then, Soto clarified that Portnoy had left Sons of Apollo and that he, along with the drummer, would be concentrating on other endeavors.

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