Mike Portnoy Believes This Is Dream Theater’s ‘Final Act’

Mike Portnoy recently mentioned on The Prog Report that he believes this is Dream Theater’s final chapter because of their ages. The drummer discussed his return to Dream Theater and the impact it had on his other bands, including The Winery Dogs and Sons of Apollo. He’s happy of his work outside of Dream Theater over the previous 13 years, but Dream Theater is now his primary priority, especially in the coming years.

He then went on to discuss the band’s new album and future tour: “After the New Year, we’ll begin work on a new album.” And I can’t wait to go on tour with those guys again. That will be the most thrilling aspect of it all. So, time will tell where the future of any of my other bands and projects rests. Some will most likely perish, while others will live. And we’ll see what happens; it could have more chapters. But for the time being, my sole interest is Dream Theater.”

Bringing Things to a Close and Looking Forward
Portnoy also reflected on his time with Dream Theater, explaining: “But I have a tremendous sense of closure for everything I did over the last 12, 13 years.” And it was an incredible experience and journey, and I couldn’t be happier with the results of my efforts. It was truly a magical time. But I’m prepared for this — I don’t want to say ‘last act,’ but given our ages, it’s definitely the final act…”

Reconnecting With the Band’s Beginnings
The musician went on to say of the band’s early days: “And there’s really no better place for me to spend it than where it all started with my brothers in Dream Theater.” That band was established when I was in college. As teenagers, the three of us formed it in college. It’s poetic justice that we should both ride out into the sunset and finish it together. That appears to be the correct course of action.” Mike revealed his uncertain status in Dream Theater after rejoining on October 25, 2023, at a Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy Camp Q&A in November.

The drummer stated that he is open to whatever the band decides regarding the setlist and looks forward to revisiting both old and new music, but that he must adjust to the band’s current collective working style. The complete interview is available below.

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