Midge Ure Names Elton John His Favorite Kiss Of All Time

Midge Ure has been a part of various bands throughout the years and has been in the industry for decades. The singer will perform at Royal Albert Hall to commemorate his seven decades in the music profession. In an interview with The Guardian, he discussed his career, and when asked what his finest kiss was, Ure replied: “The Ivor Novello Awards were the most memorable.” Elton John spotted me across the room and approached me, kissing me on the lips. ‘OK!’ I thought. I’m in!'” Even if Ure did not expect a kiss on the lips, Elton is well-known for his kisses with numerous superstars in the entertainment world.

Rebel Wilson, Madonna, and David Beckham are just a few examples. Here’s how the kiss went down: soon before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding, John and Beckham kissed. Midge, in addition to talking about kissing Elton, answered numerous other questions, including one regarding what the singer and guitarist believed about how it feels to be in love. He stated, ” “Not everything is soft focus and wheat fields.” Because hate, fear, envy, passion, and fury are all aspects of love, they can be included in love songs.” Finally, when questioned during the Q&A if he had ever said ‘I love you’ to someone and not meant it, Ure replied: “I’ve spent a lot of time on phone calls. It does not imply affection; it simply means farewell or see you later.”

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