May Pang explains that John Lennon had one unfulfilled wish for Paul McCartney

May Pang recently discussed the time when the Beatles split up in an interview with USA Today, during which she disclosed John Lennon’s unfulfilled ambition for Paul McCartney. According to Pang in the recent documentary “The Lost Weekend: A Love Story,” John thought about working with Paul once again despite their breakup. When that was brought up and she was asked if that surprised her, she responded: “The strain was lifted. Now that they were all unrestricted, they could do whatever they wanted. Paul and Linda [McCartney] announced in January 1975 that they were traveling to New Orleans to record a new album called “Venus and Mars.” John then exclaims, “Oh terrific, New Orleans, always loved it. May continued by recalling the occasion when Lennon said he wanted to collaborate with McCartney: “A few days later, he is strumming his guitar and asks, ‘What do you think if I wrote with Paul again?'” When you mention shock and make a comparison to “The Exorcist,” people’s heads flip back.

I responded, “I believe it would be fantastic. After that, she revealed the late singer’s response, saying: Then he says, ‘Maybe we should go down.’ He was very eager to carry out that. I was confident that would have taken place if I had managed to bring him to New Orleans. Lennon’s anticipated visit, though, was canceled because he was at the time reunited with Yoko Ono. In a chat with the Guardian in April, Pang offered the following insight on Ono’s reaction to having John back in her life: Congratulations, I said. John returned to you. You ought to be overjoyed right now. I found her remark to be quite intriguing. Happy? she questioned. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be content. That didn’t sound to me like a warm invitation for that person to return to their life. Yoko took action because, as May previously told People, she was concerned that Lennon might start dating someone else. He had previously expressed interest in Pang, so she went with him. May hesitated because her boss and the late Beatles legend were both married. Ono reassured her that everything would be alright, and thus Pang and Lennon started dating.

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