Matt Damon recalls U2’s Bono criticizing his son’s music

In a new interview with Radio X HQ, ‘Oppenheimer’ star Matt Damon revealed how U2 leader Bono once musically chastised his son Elijah Hewson, who also fronts the band Inhaler. Following his mention of Inhaler as one of his favorite bands, the actor went on to recount a chat he had with Bono regarding his son’s music: “I really discussed it with Bono a couple of years ago, and he had me laughing. They wrote a song called ‘Ice Cream Sundae,’ and the first line is, ‘I’m in the chase of happiness/I’m gonna get it, I’m gonna get it.’ ‘I’m in quest of happiness/I’m gonna get it/I’m gonna get it,’ says the second verse. He went on, remembering the frontman’s reaction to Elijah’s lyrics: “And Bono goes: ‘You can’t start the second verse with the same line as the first verse,’ and his son was like, ‘Yeah okay, Dad.'” Then, Matt contrasted his experience writing ‘Good Will Hunting’ to Bono and his son’s circumstances, explaining:

“When we were writing ‘Good Will Hunting,’ everyone was like, ‘These scenes are too long.'” You can’t write scenes this long,’ we said, and we were like, ‘Yeah, okay. Sure’. It’s one of those things where the following generation comes in and says, “No, we’re doing it this way.” Aside from his son’s songwriting abilities, Bono appears to have been skeptical of his son’s musical pursuits. In a 2020 interview with GQ, Hewson was asked if his parents were supportive of his music career, and he replied: “At first, they weren’t really.” They wanted me to go to college, just like all of our parents. I think they just noticed how much I enjoyed it and how well we got along.” You can listen to the actor’s interview with Radio X HQ here.

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