Listen to the ‘Bring Me to Life’ Demo by Evanescence without the Rap Part

Evanescence has released the 2002 demo of their popular song “Bring Me to Life,” which lacks the legendary rap line, as part of a 20th anniversary reissue of their debut album Fallen. On Nov. 17, the reissue will be available in a number of formats, including 2-LP, 2-CD, digital, and a Super Deluxe Edition box set that will be available in February of the following year. Each edition will include a remastered version of the original album as well as previously unreleased tracks, like the aforementioned demo. All physical forms also include with a handwritten foreword by Amy Lee, previously unreleased pictures, and reimagined artwork. Buy your copy in advance here. “20 years later, this album has never meant more,” writes Lee in the foreword. “Fallen has been the music of first loves, epic heartbreak, self-realization, wedding days, last goodbyes, friendships, and many other events in so many lives…not to mention mine. I will always be grateful and humbled to have been a part of it.

The rap portion of “Bring Me to Life” was originally something the band did not want to include in the song, but it is absent from the demo version of the song. The ensemble released Synthesis in 2017, which included reworked orchestral/electronic renditions of well-known tunes together with two brand-new original songs. Lee was “so glad” that the rap portion was left off. God bless rap, I suppose that’s part of what got us on the radio. At least based on all the radio regulations I don’t understand or agree with. The rap was a compromise in many aspects; it wasn’t a part of our initial concept or sound. So it was wonderful to be able to return to the song’s original idea, the frontwoman told in that same year.

I wanted people to know who we were at the time because it was our first single, she explained. As an artist, you battle that battle constantly. Nobody would know who we were if we only had one hit and no one ever heard from us again. I’m no longer enraged by the rap because we’ve moved past it. However, I’m really happy to provide a new version devoid of the rap. You may hear “Bring Me to Life” in both its 2002 demo and Synthesis versions straight below.

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