Lisa Marie Presley’s witty Graceland childhood with Elvis was witnessed by intimate family members

Lisa Marie Presley could get away with misbehaving when she lived with her father Elvis Presley, even going upstairs at Graceland to disturb him if required. Lisa Marie Presley resided in Graceland for the first ten years of her life. Even after her parents divorced in 1972, she would spend her school vacations at Elvis Presley’s Memphis mansion with him.

However, because The King was a night owl who slept all day, his cheeky little child and her Memphis Mafia cronies could cause havoc around the estate. Lisa Marie admitted before her death earlier this year that her father was not strict at all and that she could always threaten staff with dismissal if she didn’t get her way. Danny Smith, one of her childhood playmates, offered some fascinating tidbits about their time together on his YouTube channel.

“When we were in Palm Springs, Lisa Marie jackpot-ed on Elvis’ slot machine and kept all the money!” Danny remarked in a video. This was one of The King’s favorite vacation destinations, where he would take his family to rest and relax. Her cousin then described Lisa pedaling through Graceland on her tricycle, which she did frequently at full speed. When she was stopped by a Memphis Mafia member, she went to get Elvis to resolve the matter. “Lisa used to ride around Graceland inside on her tricycle, trying to run over people’s feet,” Danny explained.

“She turned a corner one time, and Daddy (Billy Smith) tried to catch her, and she went upstairs and told Elvis that Daddy had pushed her over on her tricycle.” Given that The King was frequently sleeping during the day, she may have dared to wake up her father, who didn’t always let her have her own way, frequently having to put his foot down. Both father and daughter are now interred at Graceland’s Meditation Garden.

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