Linkin Park’s Net Worth Is Massive (Including Chester Bennington’s Estate Value)

Linkin Park is worth millions of dollars, yet certain band members are wealthier than others. Linkin Park has been a prominent presence on the rock scene since the 1990s, with legendary songs from that time still making the rounds on the radio today. Not only is the band still popular, but it also makes a lot of money now. Despite the fact that the band’s most recent album was released in 2017, and their most recent concert was held the same year in honor of late member Chester Bennington, royalties from the band’s songs continue to flow in. How much is Linkin Park worth, and how much of that is owned by Chester Bennington? Is Linkin Park Putting Their Act Together Again? Chester Bennington’s death in 2017 devastated Linkin Park fans and the band itself. Bennington committed suicide, something the band grappled with. Following several tributes to Chester, the band remained intact, releasing previously unreleased compositions that had been completed years before. With Chester gone, Linkin Park has frequently said that they have no intentions to record new music or perform live in the future.

Mike Shinoda said in an interview, “We don’t have the focus on it.” We haven’t figured out the math yet. And I don’t mean monetarily math, but rather emotional and artistic math.” He warned followers not to get too invested in the speculations of a comeback, implying that he didn’t want them to be disappointed. Some band members have had successful individual careers, but reuniting the band was too much for them—at least financially. Linkin Park is worth a total of $236 million. Linkin Park as a band has unlimited financial resources. The organization is worth approximately $236 million. The majority of that sum comes from the group’s multi-talented main vocalist, Mike Shinoda, who is estimated to be worth $87 million. Brad Delson’s net worth is estimated to be over $45 million as a result of his work as Linkin Park’s main guitarist and backup vocalist. Delson and Shinoda also operate a record label together.

Rob Bourdon (the drummer for Linkin Park) is worth roughly $20 million, and Joe Hahn’s net worth is $25 million as a result of his job spinning turntables and managing numerous other music production jobs. Dave Farrell’s net worth is $5 million, although it’s unclear why he’s worth so much less than the rest of the band. One likely explanation is that Farrell missed out on some lucrative conditions since he quit the band for a period of time (his break lasted from 1999 to 2000). However, some of the bandmates’ net worths are bigger as a result of their solo ventures, and there’s also the question of who wrote the group’s most recognized songs. Most of the songs are traditionally attributed to Mike, with Chester receiving minor credit as a genius. What was Chester Bennington’s net worth when he died? Chester Bennington was reportedly valued $30 million when he died in 2017 at the age of 41. Though the entire group is believed to be worth $212 million, the truth is that the group has no claim to Chester’s share of the profits. Following his death, Chester’s ex-wife Samantha Olit and his wife Talinda Bentley reached a financial deal in which they divided the late singer’s profits.

Chester’s will reportedly stated that he wanted all six of his children to spend time together even after his death, which may have contributed to the parties’ apparent ease of settlement. Chester had three children with his wife, one with Olit, and one biological and one adoptive with his ex-girlfriend Elka Brand. Chester’s children and wives reportedly earned a part of his music rights, which were reportedly worth $8.1 million. Court documents also indicated that Chester’s fortune would continue to increase after his death, owing to ongoing royalties from Linkin Park’s music sales, which were estimated to be worth $5 million. The band Linkin Park is worth between $24 and $34 million. The band Linkin Park has its own set of net worth data in addition to the combined net worths of its members. In terms of the band’s own finances, Linkin Park is worth between $24 and $34 million. This statistic is based on the group’s earnings from royalties, social media activity, and any licensing deals. While all of the amounts are approximations, they are based on Linkin Park’s YouTube viewership and other internet profits. It’s also unclear whether those figures are already incorporated into each individual band member’s net worth, or if their respective net worths will continue to grow by their portions of the band’s net worth. Regardless, both the band and its members are poised to continue earning, even without releasing a new album.

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