Liam Gallagher Explains Why Noel Gallagher Will ‘Be Calling Him’ For An Oasis Reunion

In the middle of the Oasis brothers’ debate about whether the band would ever reform, Liam Gallagher’s recent interview with BBC Radio 2’s Jo Whiley suggests that unless Noel calls, there will be no Oasis reunion. The vocalist elaborated: “From my perspective, it isn’t happening. I’m not going to call him, and he’ll call me. He broke up the band on his terms, and I’ll put it back together on mine. I’m a sensible person, but I’m friends with the universe, and we have ways of making it happen because it will come down to him phoning me.” The Oasis reunion has been a topic of conversation between the brothers in interviews, but Liam revealed that this time Noel wants the reunion to promote his new album ‘Council Skies,’ adding: “Our kid has been called many times about getting the band back together; it just so happens that this time he wants it when he’s got an album out.” This isn’t the first time the brothers have stated that they expect phone calls from one another, nor is it the first time Liam has alleged that Noel brought up his name in order to blame him and discuss a future reunion to promote his new album.

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