Lars Ulrich says Metallica is determined to keep the AC/DC legacy alive

Q104.3 FM recently aired a pre-M72 World Tour interview with Lars Ulrich, during which the drummer explained why Metallica will not change an AC/DC aspect during their ‘No Repeat Weekend’ idea. Lars was getting ready for their impending global tour at the time of the interview and wanted to know what fans could anticipate at their gigs. He began his speech by informing everyone of their ‘no repeat’ rule: “Everything [is different], each night is completely different from the previous setlist.” Every night, [even] the support acts are unique. Everything around you [is different], including the house music; you won’t hear the same house music twice.” Metallica did not wish to modify one thing, as Ulrich explained why an AC/DC aspect would remain the same on every show: “The only thing that stays the same musically from night to night is our entrance tape… There was some discussion over whether we should even modify our intro tape, but we end with an AC/DC song called ‘It’s A Long Way to the Top,’ which has been our sort of walk-on music for a couple of decades, and then Ennio Morricone’s ‘Ecstasy of Gold.'”

The drummer then explained why they decided to preserve the tradition of beginning their shows with these two songs: “Those two are the same every night for one reason: if we had a different walk-on song, we figured [the] people [who] are buying shirts, getting drinks, going to the bathroom, or hanging out with their friends wouldn’t know we were coming on.” So we figured it would be a disservice to our fans if there was a different walk-on music all of a sudden.” Metallica’s decision to maintain an AC/DC song as their walk-on track appears to have been intentional, since they didn’t want any fans to miss out on their concerts. And, with that, it may be useful to inform you that the band is presently touring around Northern America, with their next two-day event slated in Quebec, Canada.

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