“Keanu is an animal”: Want John Wick’s Body? Keanu Reeves concentrated on three things to become in shape for the John Wick films.

Many fans strive to have John Wick’s incredible physique, but getting a shredded physique like actor Keanu Reeves requires a lot of effort and devotion. Patrick Murphy, the actor’s personal trainer, once disclosed what he does in the gym to keep in shape even in his 50s. Without a question, Reeves’ role in the John Wick franchise was physically taxing, but Reeves isn’t afraid of a challenge. The actor is well-known for performing the majority of his stunts in the franchise, so in order to avoid injuries, he follows a stringent regimen devised by his personal trainer that focuses on these three basic aspects. Keanu Reeves has appeared in multiple action films, but the action in the John Wick trilogy has always been intense for him, despite the fact that he is in his 50s. So, how does he pull it off? Patrick Murphy, the actor’s personal trainer, stated in 2021 that Reeves’ dedication is unrivaled.

“John Wick is one of the most physically demanding roles in film history.” KR’s body has been through hell and back because of the choreography, as well as the different fight disciplines, tumbling, stunts, horseback riding, stunt car driving, pistol training, and other varied weapons training. It’s about maintaining a positive rhythm with his joints and minimizing pain as much as possible. KR is always ready to hit the gym and kick a-s. I create massive rep schemes, and he executes them flawlessly. There is no magic to it; KR works hard and reaps the benefits.” The writers of the first John Wick film met with Reeves and spent two months revising the script to meet the actor’s age, who was 50 at the time.

Reeves primarily works on three things in the gym: endurance, core strength, and grip strength. Patrick Murphy explained in a 2019 interview with Men’s Journal, “Keanu is a beast. I never have to persuade him to do another rep, but our workouts are intended to make him feel good and strong rather than to demolish him. Because he’s already getting beaten up during the shoot. John Wick requires extreme endurance, a strong core, and grip strength. I spent a lot of time imagining potential exercise combinations and pairings.” The actor primarily engages in hard circuit training with a high volume of reps and little rest. Reeves has previously claimed that he enjoys doing his own stunts, thus in order to continue doing so, Reeves must have a fit body.

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