Justin Young Attributes the Success of Vaccines to Flea’s Life-Changing Advice

In a recent interview with Radio X, Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea gave The Vaccines’ Justin Young some life-altering advice. Early in the 2010s, the band, which just recently revealed their new album, “Pick-Up Full of Pink Carnations,” opened for RHCP across Europe. Young made the decision to share a significant piece of information Flea provided him and his bandmates during that time of touring. But first, the performer gave an explanation of why he considered himself “lucky” to have opened for RHCP: “I believe that we have had the good fortune to serve as opening acts for some of the biggest artists on the planet, and I believe that whenever you do, you can learn something from everyone. You can observe how they all behave and interact with one another, and some exhibit more positive dynamics than others.

He then recounted Flea’s suggestions and how the musician had disclosed the formula for RHCP’s success: “Funnily enough, I remember, not that we became fast friends or spent much time with them, but the one piece of advice that Flea gave to us during a five-minute conversation was, ‘The way that you guys are going to have a career is by making sure when things aren’t great that you are still getting in a room together every day and writing and rehearsing.'” “Whether it means fighting every day, going through all that stuff, because in the end, that’s what leads to the great times again,” Flea remarked. Because ultimately everything leads to wonderful stuff, you have to be strong and have a thick enough skin to go through all the horrible stuff together. That particular piece of wisdom has also always resonated with me. While RHCP is now on tour in South America with gigs in Brazil coming up, The Vaccines are currently preparing for a European tour that will begin next year.

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