Justin Chancellor’s announcement about the Tool album might annoy Maynard James Keenan

Tool’s bassist Justin Chancellor recently gave an update on the group’s upcoming album on Loudwire Nights, which may irritate bandmate Maynard James Keenan. Following his discussion of his work with the M.T. Void project, the musician stated that Tool intends to begin recording new songs following their tour of Europe in 2019. He gave the following explanation: At that point, we anticipate taking a little vacation, but we also anticipate spending a significant amount of time at home until we can begin meeting regularly again. However, we’ve already got going. Several items are on the table.

The Band’s Method For Creating New Song
Thinking back to the beginning of their process of creation, he went on: “It truly begins with exchanging ideas with one another, holding what we refer to as a listening party, and simply sitting in the loft where we write and reacquaint ourselves with the resources that we already have that we’ve already developed.” Chancellor claimed that he frequently exchanges fresh concepts with the other members of his band. He likes gathering these concepts and having a conversation about which ones complement one other the best. He continued, saying: “We have an abundance of material and we never throw anything away. All that needs to happen is to go through that procedure before settling on a few tunes.

Danny Carey’s Thoughts On The Development Of His New Album
Tool’s drummer Danny Carey revealed their plans for a new album in an interview with Cleveland Scene from the previous year, stating: “I’m confident that we won’t wait this long for the next one. Even some of the stuff from the last one that we’ll develop was still here. We have three or four new songs written already. Thus, Tool intends to spend some time in the studio in the early spring of 2024 after embarking on a U.S. tour with Elder serving as support. The tour dates are set for January 10 to February 18, 2024. In a recent interview with the Vinyl Guide podcast, Justin provided the following explanation when asked about any surviving content from their “Fear Inoculum” sessions: Indeed, a ton from the last album. Although we have a ton of ideas, they haven’t been recorded to the same caliber as an album. Just a lot of material that has been demoed, I would think. And after that, a ton of ideas were kind of filed away.

The Earlier Reaction Of Keenan To Chancellor
In a recent interview with Loudwire, Keenan expressed disapproval of Chancellor’s remarks regarding a forthcoming album, subsequent to this update. He clarified that he would rather not talk about new projects until they were completed. The vocalist called his bandmate’s comments on Tool’s recent endeavors and activities “irresponsible,” arguing that it is improper to get fans all up about something that isn’t yet certain. On August 30, 2019, Tool’s most recent album, “Fear Inoculum,” was released. Two tracks from the album were nominated for Grammy Awards: “7empest” was nominated for Best Metal Performance, and “Fear Inoculum” was nominated for Best Rock Song. In the end, “7empest” took home the trophy.

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