Jonathan Davis of Korn once wanted to punch Fred Durst

Rockers feuding or even becoming physical with one another is not unusual. However, the relationship between Korn leader Jonathan Davis and Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst is more complicated than your typical dispute. Korn notoriously assisted Limp Bizkit in signing with a label when they were buddies. Then, Fred appeared in a Korn song called ‘All in the Family,’ which Davis later referred to as the band’s ‘worst song.’ However, the reason the frontman intended to attack Durst had nothing to do with the song. It was because he believed Limp Bizkit stole and benefited from music by Ministry, one of Jon’s favorite bands. Davis explored this assertion during an interview for a Ministry documentary in 2011, recalling how much the band inspired him as a young rock listener. The vocalist then expressed his displeasure with Limp Bizkit covering Ministry because they misled their fans. Korn’s frontman first stated his displeasure with Limp Bizkit fans: “Limp Bizkit covered ‘Thieves,’ and they do that sh*t live.

” What irritated me the most about that was that f*cking Limp Bizkit fans assumed Limp Bizkit did it. “I just wanted to punch people in the face.” He then explained why he wanted to punch Durst in particular: “I wanted to punch Fred in the face because they did that and the kids thought it was a Limp Bizkit song.” It was quite insulting. I was irritated when youngsters asked, “Will you play that?” ‘Is that a Limp Bizkit song?’ ‘Oh.’ I thought. It f*cking made my blood boil.” It’s unclear whether Jon and Durst keep in touch or continue their tight friendship, but given that Korn and Limp Bizkit toured the UK together in 2016, it’s safe to assume that the two bands are still amicable, for better or worse.

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