Jon Bon Jovi Gets The OK From Richie Sambora

Richie Sambora recently featured on the ‘Shred With Shifty’ show and given the go-ahead for a Bon Jovi reunion to Jon Bon Jovi. When asked where he and Jon Bon Jovi stand with the reunion and if any progress has been made, he responded: “We’re discussing it. Yeah, it’s that [on the phone with Jon Bon Jovi], there’s a demand for it out there, especially outside of the United States. I mean, we were a bigger band outside of our own country, and gratefully so.” Richie had also opened up about the reunion to People at the beginning of the year, saying:

“I’m hoping to release solo music at the end of March or the beginning of April.” [And] obviously, we’re talking about it [the Bon Jovi reunion]. “I feel a spiritual obligation to the fans all over the world.” This summer, the guitarist appeared on the ‘Nights With Alice Cooper’ radio show, where he stated that he is eager to reunite with his former bandmate. Richie stated: “No one has asked me yet.” But if they asked, I could do it tomorrow.”

There are no new solo albums from the guitarist as of yet, but he told Shifty that he can’t stay on the road for months at a time like they used to. He elaborated: “When you start doing shows like in Mumbai and you go through places, you know what it was like, we just whizzed out for like 16 months, 18 months, and that’s a long way.” So you try to visit as many locations as you can, say hi to everyone, because those are your pals, and it’s vital to keep that going. But man, too much for me now, hey, I don’t know what we’re talking about, and it’s just like if it feels nice, you know?” Richie Sambora’s visit on the ‘Shred With Shifty’ podcast may be found below.

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