John Lydon Speaks Out About His Controversial ‘I Hate Pink Floyd’ T-Shirt

The ‘Sex Pistols’ John Lydon recently spoke with BBC Radio Scotland about the day he wore a t-shirt that said ‘I loathe Pink Floyd’ in 1976. When asked what he would think if someone approached him wearing a shirt that proclaimed, “I Hate the Sex Pistols,” the singer said, “I Hate the Sex Pistols.” “Would it mean the same thing?” No, the material and historical context were intriguing for me, and I enjoyed being so cheeky.” John went on to clarify Pink Floyd’s current situation by saying: “Pink Floyd was accepted as a member of the royal family.” They were a no-go zone, with no room for criticism; they were simply fantastic. Yes, some of it is, particularly the earlier Syd Barrett angle.” Johnny previously told The Quietus in 2010 about his feelings regarding Pink Floyd, saying: “What I didn’t like about them was their arrogance. There was a sense that ‘Oh, we’re so amazing, there’s no room for anyone else.’ But, you know, I’ve met members of the band and I get along fine with them because they’re not at all like that.

In the press, there was some misreading and misrepresentation…” However, Lydon told BBC Radio Scotland that he was wearing the t-shirt with the statement ‘I detest Pink Floyd’ to see how fans reacted. He stated: “I didn’t hate them, but I knew it would incite rage in people, and lo and behold, it did.” It appears that David Gilmour did not believe Johnny truly despised his band. When asked if he disliked the Sex Pistols after the shirt scandal, the rocker replied: “No, I thought the Sex Pistols were excellent.” I’ve appeared on a show alongside Johnny Rotten. It happened at Sadler’s Wells, and he confessed he never truly disliked Pink Floyd and was actually a fan. I admit that I didn’t quite believe it at first. Who could possibly dislike us?” Below is a link to John Lydon’s interview with BBC Radio Scotland.

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