John Fogerty on the Reunion of Creedence Clearwater Revival

Creedence Clearwater Revival’s John Fogerty has confirmed whether or not the band would reunite. During an interview with Forbes, the singer was asked the same question he has been asked numerous times since the band’s breakup. The interviewer, too, confirmed that he was aware the topic had been asked numerous times before moving on to inquire about the possibilities of reuniting the band. Fogerty responded as follows: “Well, I’ve learned in life that you never know what’s around the corner.” That, as far as I can tell, would never happen. But you never know what will happen tomorrow or next year. We don’t know.” For decades, Fogerty battled for the copyrights to his songs, and after more than 50 years, he recovered ownership of his musical legacy and reclaimed the compositions’ rights. The rocker was asked to give advice to people starting out in the music industry on how to prevent the incident he was involved in. He revealed: “Well, it took years and years for me to be released from the shackles that my record label had placed on me.

” I’m much older now. I try to overlook all of that because I’m a happier man. If you had a little child, perhaps your son, and asked me to speak to him, I would sit down and give him an hour-long lesson about what I went through.” He then expressed his present views regarding the situation and went on to say: “I’m feeling better, but I’m not forgetting what happened, you know?” It was simply incorrect. Hopefully, this does not happen to a large number of people. There is a tendency to exploit young people who have stars in their eyes. Get a skilled lawyer and have him thoroughly study the deal. And make certain that he is on your side.” Doug Clifford previously stated that he and Fogerty only speak through attorneys and that the band will never rejoin. He claimed that it would have been fine 20 years ago, but that no one cares about it now. Following the band’s dissolution in 1972, the soloist concentrated on his solo career, while Doug Clifford and Stu Cook continued to perform as Creedence Clearwater Revisited.

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