Joe Elliott Admits He Still Owes Money To Bon Scott Of AC/DC

Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott recently spoke with Louder Sound about his favorite AC/DC album, what he’d give to write like Bon Scott, and how he still owes money to the late singer. First, despite his appreciation for albums such as ‘Highway to Hell’ and ‘Back In Black,’ Elliott admitted that his favorite AC/DC song was 1978’s ‘Powerage,’ stating: “There are a lot of fantastic tunes on ‘Powerage.’ ‘Rock And Roll Damnation,’ or as we used to call it, ‘Rock And Roll Dalmatian,’ is a fantastic beginning. Then there’s ‘Riff Raff,’ ‘Sin City,’ ‘Gimme A Bullet,’ and ‘Down Payment Blues…'”The singer then joked about what he would do to create lyrics like Scott: “I’d shoot my own mother… no, I wouldn’t, but I’d do something drastic to be able to write those kinds of songs.” The entire album is amazing, really stunning.” He continued by admiring ‘Powerage’ and Scott’s lyrical talent: “‘What’s Next To The Moon’ is one of the really deep cuts that I love.” ‘I chained my baby to the railroad rails,’ Bon sings.

Nobody wrote lyrics as well as Bon. “He had the best gruff, soulful voice and sense of humour of any singer I’ve ever heard.” Joe also described how the late AC/DC vocalist was in his everyday life: “He was one of the guys, and you liked hanging out with guys like that.” And, thank goodness, I did for three weeks in 1979 when Def Leppard opened for AC/DC.” He added, sharing how he still owed Scott a ‘tenner:’ “Bon lent me a tenner and I never got the chance to pay him back. When we were in Australia one time I visited his hometown, where they have a statue of him. I felt I owed it to his memory.” Elliott died in 1980, at the age of 33, because he never ‘found the time’ to repay him. Even decades after his death, numerous rockers pay respect to Scott’s legacy, with names like his bandmate Angus Young and Tom Morello praising him in sentiments similar to the Def Leppard frontman. Scott’s estate and family also recently won a legal battle, which you can read about here to find out why the late singer’s family had to go to court with a well-known business.

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