Jimmy Buffett’s Death Is Lamented by Paul McCartney: “So Long, Jim”

After Jimmy Buffett’s death was revealed Saturday morning (September 2), many of music’s biggest figures chimed in to pay their respects. Not only did his tropical-themed singles move Kenny Chesney, Elton John, Blake Shelton, and LL Cool J, but so did his friendliness and wholesomeness. On Saturday afternoon, Beatles star Paul McCartney joined the sorrow, expressing his wonderful experiences with Buffett as well as his thoughts on Buffett as a man. In a lengthy tweet, McCartney acknowledged Buffett as the latest in a string of recent music industry deaths. “It seems that so many wonderful people are leaving this world, and now Jimmy Buffett is one of them,” he said. “I’ve known Jimmy for a while and found him to be one of the nicest and most generous people I’ve ever met.” Next, the 81-year-old recalled how Buffett went out of his way to ensure McCartney had the left-handed guitar he need when he was simply “itching to play.” McCartney still plays the guitar because it brings back memories of Buffett’s kindness.

“He had a most amazing lust for life and a beautiful sense of humour,” he continued. “When we swapped stories about the past, his were so exotic and lush and involved sailing trips and surfing and so many exciting stories that it was difficult for me to keep up with him.” Finally, McCartney thought Buffett fully appreciated what life had to offer, describing him as a “tremendous personality” with a great affection “for us all, and for mankind as a whole.” “Right up until the very last second, his eyes twinkled with a humour that said, ‘I love this world, and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it,'” McCartney wrote. On top of that, McCartney said that he and Buffett are working on a song called “My Gummy Just Kicked In,” which has yet to receive an official release date. Reminiscing about his studio sessions with the now-deceased performer, McCartney said, “It was a great privilege to get to know you and love you.

” “Last, but not least, is his songwriting and vocal ability,” he added. “If someone said something interesting, he’d repeat it in his lovely Louisiana drawl and say, ‘That’s a good idea for a song.'” It didn’t take long for that music to appear most of the time. I was overjoyed to have played on one of his most recent tracks, ‘My Gummy Just Kicked In.’ We had a great time together, and he played me some of his new tunes. One song in particular that I enjoyed was ‘Bubbles Up.’ And I told him that not only was the music fantastic, but his vocal performance was perhaps the greatest I’d ever heard from him. He transformed a diving term used to train people underwater into a metaphor for life: if you’re lost and don’t know where you’re going, simply follow the bubbles – they’ll lead you up to the surface and straighten you out right away… Goodbye, Jim. You are a truly wonderful man and friend, and it has been an honor to grow to know and love you. “Boil up, my friend.” See McCartney’s post below.

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