James LaBrie Sings Songs From Dream Theater He Can’t Sing Anymore

Dream Theater’s James LaBrie recently revealed to Revolver which songs he finds difficult to sing with his naturally aged voice. The vocalist confessed that their 1992 breakthrough LP ‘Images and Words,’ particularly one track on the album, is more difficult than he would like to acknowledge. He stated, ” “Well, anything from ‘Images and Words’ is mildly unpleasant because I can no longer sing like that.” I’m not able to sing in the stratosphere. Those tracks were released 30 years ago. I’ll change the melodies to suit my current voice, but I still enjoy those tunes. But doing ‘Another Day’ and singing the entire last line and chorus is like, yeah right!” He clarified that, despite giving his all throughout their three-hour headlining gigs, his vocals aren’t as clear as they previously were.

The rocker went on to say: “Any songs that I find extremely difficult are from before I ruptured my vocal cords, anything [recorded] before December 30th, 1994.” I could sing in those upper registers before I did it, and it was nothing new to me. It was so simple.” James also remarked that, while he may not be able to hit the same register as he once could, he still makes the most of his performances. He went on to say: “However, I still remember those songs from those albums fondly.” But, in my opinion, it’s more about the beauty of singing songs from any age… so I’ll just change the melodies to make it work while still enjoying the spirit and what the song means to us and the fans.” Read James LaBrie’s Revolver interview here, and listen to ‘Another Day’ below.

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