James Gunn’s upcoming “Superman: Legacy” to debut this supervillain in the new DC Universe following Henry Cavill’s departure?

James Gunn might offer a new DC villain for the Superman movie reboot, just as Henry Cavill stunned the world by abandoning the part of Clark Kent!

The Superman fandom was startled when Henry Cavill announced he was quitting the DC Universe. Fans were unable to see the Man of Steel receive a fitting send-off despite being one of the most beloved superhero characters of all time. With “Superman: Legacy,” James Gunn is reviving the franchise, so he might as well employ one of the prominent DC villains from the comics that he has already teased on social media. Does that sound familiar? Continue reading to find out!

After declaring that they would be giving the adored Superman a new start in the new DCU, James and Peter, the new DC leaders, received a lot of negative feedback. Yet it was also revealed that the plot is being written by a young actor between the ages of 25 and 30 and James Gunn, the new head of DC.The largest Superman antagonist, Brainiac, is rumored to be in the film, despite the fact that not much is known about it.

James Gunn included a number of DC characters in a tweet, including both good and evil ones. The DC Boss hinted that at least half of the fans’ remarks would be arriving to the DCU soon when responding to them. He did not specify which one would be added to the slate, though. One of the characters from the post was Brainiac, and there is a little chance that he will soon make an appearance in the DC Universe.

Brainiac is one of Superman’s greatest enemies in the comics, frustrating him with his sharp intellect in a manner that even Lex Luthor can’t. He did not, however, show up in any of Superman’s prior motion pictures, which only fueled fan demand. He might finally make his DC Universe debut by facing the new Superman in light of the recent changes.

Brainiac hasn’t appeared in any Superman films, adding to the roster of Superman antagonists outside of Lex Luthor, Doomsday, or General Zod in the DC filmography. He was supposedly set to play the antagonist in an unproduced Man of Steel 2 script starring Henry Cavill.

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