Jackie Chan sheds tears as she discusses the difficulty in discovering new action stars. “Looks are everything, not kung fu ability,”

When discussing the difficulties in recruiting fresh action players in a market that no longer requires them, Hong Kong action icon Jackie Chan could not contain his tears, according to Sin Chew.

Chan expressed his displeasure that the market is elevating physical attractiveness over the abilities of real action performers in a recent interview to promote his new movie, Ride On.

“I once considered trying to locate a second Jackie Chan, but it’s incredibly difficult since there isn’t a need for it. It doesn’t matter how skilled you are at kung fu in today’s film industry; what matters is how attractive you are.

“It’s not necessary to be skilled in combat. If you’re attractive and well-known enough, you can just stand there and let the stuntmen do their thing “said he.

The Rush Hour actor continued, “Even if they were talented in martial arts, no corporations were ready to ask a big director to invest millions on someone whose looks don’t fit the bill. That’s why there are less action stars nowadays.”

In order to recognize people who are truly skilled in kung fu, Chan expressed his hope that the industry will someday go back to the time when martial artists like Bruce Lee and Jet Li were respected for their abilities.
Chan is still producing action movies at the age of 68. In Police Story, Dragon Blade, and Kung Fu Yoga, he is renowned for his dynamic combat techniques and stunning stunt work.

The actor has gained widespread acclaim throughout the years for both his acting and stunt work.

His honors include a lifetime achievement award from the Taurus International Stunt Awards and an honorary Academy Award that recognized his “distinctive worldwide career.”

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