“I’ve Got A Limited Number Of Years,” Mick Mars warns fans as he releases his new single

Mick Mars warned his fan following that time is ephemeral when he recently released his debut solo single, “Loyal to the Lie,” in an interview with Metal Hammer.

Mars’ first musical project since leaving Mötley Crüe is called “Loyal to the Lie.” This release serves as a taster for his next solo album, “The Other Side of Mars,” which will be released under Mars’ own label, 1313 LLC, on February 23, 2024. With vocalist Jacob Bunton, bassist Chris Collier, keyboardist Paul Taylor, drummer Ray Luzier, and singer Brion Gamboa making appearances on two tracks, “The Other Side of Mars” is expected to be a rich musical collaboration. Songs like “Killing Breed,” “Broken on the Inside,” “Alone,” “Lonely in Your Grave,” “Decay,” “Fear,” “Memories,” and “Erased” are also included. Declaring that he wants to produce as much art as possible, Mars acknowledged that he is running out of time: “I just wanted to do something really big and cruel.” People will be able to hear my sound and tone. That’s who I am. No one else is capable of doing it.

In addition, I only have a finite amount of years. I’m going to do my hardest to accomplish a lot of things. Then, he acknowledged that, Crüe or not, he could always see the future ahead of him: “There are two sides to my playing: the Mars side and the Mötley side. In any case, I always know exactly what I want to do. Mars has been honest about the difficulties with his health. He acknowledged that this had an impact on his choice to stop touring, but he is still open to doing occasional live shows. Mars stated, implying that he enjoys one-off performances: I’ve finished my tour. I would definitely oblige someone who truly, truly wanted a one-off or a few nights. However, I’m completely done traveling and flying. A public argument between Mars and his former bandmate Nikki Sixx, who claimed that Mars was deceiving fans to promote his solo work, clouded the lead-up to the album’s release. In addition, there were misunderstandings about the title of his album, which Mars just cleared up in a tweet.

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