‘It Just Hasn’t Happened Yet,’ says Bono of U2 regarding American freedom

Bono of U2 doesn’t shy away from expressing his political opinions. The vocalist discussed America’s unfulfilled vision of freedom during the band’s most recent interview with Channel 4 News, which took place during their Las Vegas performance at the brand-new “Sphere” music venue. He clarified: Who would have imagined that the term “freedom” would be on trial. The world has essentially been more free since we were born, which is a pretty interesting point in our lives as adults. For the first time, it is moving backward. He continued, saying that everyone believed that the world was becoming more liberated: We always believed that sexual politics would advance gender politics, race relations, and other issues, therefore we are undoubtedly experiencing an existential crisis there as well. America will eventually rise from the “low ebb,” according to Bono. His words were: But America remains the best concept. The best idea, but it hasn’t materialized yet. Liberation appeals to me.

I believe it’s crucial that we show the rest of the world what real freedom looks and feels like. Therefore, I’ll wager on freedom and that America will recover from its current relatively low ebb. In a conversation with Zane Lowe for Apple Music, Bono also discussed their arrival in the United States. The singer talked on their attempts to understand America at a time when the continent had lost its identity. Added Bono: “We arrived in America at a period when America was searching for itself. In the 1980s, America was seeking to rediscover its identity. It got a little misplaced, so it was a great time to get to America. Below, you can see the most recent interviews U2 did with Zane Lowe and Channel 4 News.

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