Inside the $2 billion Sphere in Las Vegas as U2 begin their residence

Huge screens with some of the highest resolutions in the world are found in Vegas’ brand-new $2 billion Sphere, providing visitors with an entirely immersive experience. On Friday night, U2 gave the world premiere of their Las Vegas residency in a spectacular new setting. The new $2 billion Sphere structure is where the 25-date residency will be held. Due to its enormous exterior, which doubles as a television screen, The Sphere has been a popular destination for fans on the Las Vegas Strip for months. The world’s highest resolution screen, running at 18k and 60 frames per second, is located within. A picture that is 100 times as large as a high-definition television wraps up, over, and behind the crowd on the 160,000 square foot display plane.

According to the New York Post, the performance by U2 of their album Achtung Baby is like viewing a “elaborate music video, visual effects and all” while the band is performing live. Elvis has undoubtedly not left this place, declared U2 leader Bono at the start of their performance. Prior to referring to James Dolan, owner of Madison Square Garden, as “one mad bastard” for his absurd idea, Sphere. James described Sphere as his “most passionate” effort to date in an interview with The Post. Dolan stated, “We moved into Madison Square Garden and took ownership. “We didn’t construct it; we built it from the ground up. Therefore, this initiative is undoubtedly the most enthusiastic business endeavor I’ve undertaken.

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