In the newest film from Adam McKay, Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Pattinson interact!

In Adam McKay’s next movies “The Big Short,” “Vice,” and “Don’t Look Up,” Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Pattinson will share the major roles.

In the allegorical comedy “Average Height, Average Build,” Robert Pattinson will portray a serial murderer who chooses to run for office and wants to modify the law to be more “killer-friendly.” Like the typical Adam McKay productions, it is anticipated that the movie will include a star-studded cast and a hefty budget.

Although “Don’t Look Up,” the director’s most recent film, has excellent reviews on Netflix, it is difficult for a film like “Average Height, Average Build” to find a home in the current digital platform economics.

Puck News was the source for all of these movie-related revelations; no one has yet issued an official comment.

Today, Robert Downey Jr.’s name is connected to a different project. The Alfred Hitchcock classic “Vertigo” will be remade by Paramount Pictures, and it’s been said that Downey, who also produced the movie, is thinking about taking the lead. The recent filming of Bong Joon-science Ho’s fiction film Mickey 17 with Robert Pattinson is already concluded.

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