In response To Rumors Regarding His Dolly Parton Collaboration, Corey Taylor

In a recent interview with Kerrang! Radio, Corey Taylor discussed fans, songs, and speculations. The singer addressed the Dolly Parton claim while responding to the wackiest story he’s ever heard about himself. According to the allegation, Taylor collaborated with Parton on her most recent rock album, “Rockstar.” Whether it’s true or not was revealed by the frontman: To be honest, I’m not sure how you can top someone whose death was rumored to have occurred four times. Although it would have been awesome to have been called, I never even came near when Dolly Parton first announced the idea for a rock album. Taylor is pleased to see another rockstar collaborate with Parton even though he didn’t receive the call. He stated the name before continuing: “However, I’m thrilled that Rob Halford joined them, but certainly, there are a ton of strange rumors about me.

I won’t confirm or refute any of these, though, because some of them are undoubtedly accurate. Madhouse Magazine, which calls itself “the greatest rock n roll comedy magazine in the world” and makes it plain that the website is centered on satire and comedy, is the source of the rumor’s initial dissemination. Dolly Parton To Record Album With Heavy Metal Band Slipknot was a bogus story that Madhouse released, confusing the supporters of the two groups. While the Slipknot frontman clarified the misunderstanding, since Parton didn’t make an official remark regarding the claims, we’re unsure if she was aware of the rumors. You may see the most current interview down below.

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