In response to Mick Jagger referring to Maneskin as “The Savior of Rock,” Damiano David

Damiano from Måneskin In a recent interview, David discussed Mick Jagger’s description of them as the rock savior with Allison Hagendorf. Recalling the frontman of Rolling Stones’ remarks about them, the host first addressed the man, saying, “I thought your reaction was really interesting when Mick Jagger said something like you and Yungblud, who we love, and he’s gonna be on the show, and MGK that you’re like saving rock and roll. You mentioned that nobody is rescuing rock & roll. It just cannot be eliminated or something similar. In my opinion, rock & roll will always endure.

Damiano’s Thoughts On Today’s Music Genres. In response, David gave his thoughts on the state of the music industry today: “I feel like people discuss music genres far too much. It made sense, in my opinion, in the 1970s and 1980s because pop, hip-hop, rock, and other genres were all well-defined at the time. These days, I believe that everything is pop culture since our phones allow us to quickly access any piece of information about anyone. Since everything is now popular culture, being niche is obsolete. Reinterpreting “Pop Star”. The singer continued by explaining why he doesn’t mind being referred to be a pop star:

Thus, I believe that a lot of chatter surrounds them as the final rock band. They have this pop sound, and it’s like, okay, I know I’m a pop star, so they’re not really rock. Pop music doesn’t necessarily mean mainstream or corny music; I believe that we are all pop stars; we just listen to it differently. Pop refers to popular, hence pop is whatever becomes popular. Therefore, you can create the most avant-garde music, but once people hear it, it’s just pop. Måneskin’s Enchanting Rolling Stones Experience . In 2021, Måneskin was a supporter of the Rolling Stones in Las Vegas. Following the show, they posted a picture of themselves grinning with Jagger. Later, bassist Victoria de Angelis of the group reminisced on their time opening for the Stones in a 2023 interview with Jimmy Fallon, pointing out:

Yes, it was in Vegas. Yes, it was incredible—it was our first and largest stadium. It was historic because we had the opportunity to speak with him and he was incredibly kind and familiar with a lot of our songs. Subsequently, we encountered Keith Richards, who said, “I am not sure who the f*ck you are, but they told me you’re good, so…” We replied, “All right.” Jagger also discussed Måneskin’s outstanding performance and the response from the crowd at their Las Vegas show together, emphasizing the band’s appeal to the present generation and the rarity of a non-English or American group reaching such a high level in the rock music industry.

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