In one way, Gene Simmons believes John Lennon outperformed Paul McCartney

Podcast Rock City has released a short interview with Kiss’s Gene Simmons, which was filmed last year but only recently shared. When asked who his favorite Beatles member was during the interview, Simmons claimed that John Lennon outperformed his bandmate Paul McCartney in one way. Gene stated: “Who is my favorite Beatle?” Depends. I’m not referring to what I’m wearing right now. The straw-encrusted one. John Lennon for his depth and beautiful lyricism. “For melody, Paul McCartney.” Following his response to the question on how he felt John exceeded Paul in songwriting, the KISS bassist was asked about his favorite album by the band. He responded: “Oh my goodness. “Every single one of [The Beatles’] albums.” It’s apparent that the bassist not only admires the band, but they also had an important role in inspiring him to study and play the bass. In a March interview with Far Out Magazine, he discussed how the band affected him.

He stated: “When I was a kid, the Beatles affected me like a religious event, like a singularity.” I didn’t consider myself a musician. I was only a child. When I turned on the television, the Beatles came on: ‘She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah.’ ‘What is that?’ I ask. ‘What kind of accent is that?’ And they look like chicks, and they’re petite people with ridiculous haircuts.” Simmons went on to explain how he learnt to play the bass: “I taught myself to play, and my first instrument was a used SG Standard Gibson guitar.” My mother paid roughly $50 for it. My 14-year-old fingers bled from unable to lower the strings. Then I moved to bass since Paul McCartney had a Hofner bass and my mum got me a counterfeit.” During the same interview, he admitted that Kiss was inspired by The Beatles in their early days and that they wanted to be seen as The Beatles on steroids. See the video interview below for more information.

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