In a recently discovered interview, Freddie Mercury discusses Queen’s plan to cause controversy

The 34th installment of Queen’s brand-new YouTube series, “Queen The Greatest Live: Freddie Mercury,” was just released. In a recently circulated interview, Freddie Mercury is shown explaining why visual theatrics are such an important component of any performance by the band. In addition to having one of the most well-known rock’n’roll frontmen in history, the band is recognized for its exciting live performances. Mercury explained the use of images in their performances in the video, saying: “I think that’s why people experiment with different things, and there have always been a lot of visual theatrics in theater entertainment, such as Gypsy Rose Lee, you know, from strippers. You must engage in some form of entertainment, whether it be stripping or something else.

Therefore, it must be visible, you understand. Visual theatrics will therefore constantly be employed. Like Jimi Hendrix or the Stones, all the best performers have utilized it in some capacity. It must be present. It serves as entertainment. The audience responded well to Mercury’s enthusiasm and message. He shared his stage presence, making it clear that he wanted to dance as well as sing: “It’s like, plus, you do your entertainment plus and then your music. Additionally, I sort of personally enjoy doing that anyway. I would detest taking the stage and just singing my own songs. I must depart. Depending on the music. I have to convey whatever violence present in a song. In addition, the rocker intended for his unconventional style to provoke indignation. He made the following decision: It seemed quite absurd at the time to incorporate a particular type of balletic aesthetic with rock ‘n’ roll. I then pondered what a genuine funky rock ‘n’ roll audience would think of this prancing ballerina as she entered the stage.

I said to myself, “Fine, I’ll wear a tutu and sing my rock ‘n’ roll songs, I don’t care.” Although the late Queen leader instigated the aforementioned controversy on purpose, he also contributed to others after his death, such as the cancellation of “Fat Bottomed Girls” due to its title “offending plus-sized women” and “fat-shaming.” Even after losing its first lead singer, Adam Lambert, Queen has been able to hold fans’ attention. With their most recent shows, the band demonstrated that Queen’s spirit still endures and continues to provide fans extraordinary experiences.Watch the most recent episode of the series down below.

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