In a hilarious Netflix clip (exclusive), Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gal Gadot have explosive chemistry

In the new Netflix action film ‘Heart of Stone,’ Gal Gadot plays world-class spy Rachel Stone.

At Netflix, Gal Gadot and Arnold Schwarzenegger are serving up action-packed coffee! Schwarzenegger, 75, can be seen tending to an espresso machine and donning a black Netflix apron inside the company’s headquarters in a new promotional teaser for 38-year-old Gadot’s upcoming film Heart of Stone, which Netflix exclusively shared with PEOPLE. The featurette was shot prior to the July 13 strike by Hollywood actors. As Gadot comes and inquires as to why Schwarzenegger, named Netflix’s Chief Action Officer, is brewing coffee, the Terminator star clarifies that he is ensuring that “everything at Netflix is injected with as much action as possible.” After Schwarzenegger’s action-packed coffee bursts in a man’s face in the backdrop, the acting great praises Gadot’s Heart of Stone, which she describes as “everything you want in a spy movie.” The Red Notice performer walks behind the counter to assist Schwarzenegger with the espresso machine, then hands the actor a latte that explodes in his face.

“A great spy thrives under pressure,” Gadot adds as the video cuts to a preview of her upcoming spy film Heart of Stone, in which she co-stars with Jamie Dornan and RRR’s Alia Bhatt. Never miss a story again — subscribe to PEOPLE’s free daily newsletter to receive the best of what PEOPLE has to offer, from juicy celebrity news to intriguing human interest stories. According to Netflix’s teaser and synopsis, the film follows Gadot as intelligence operative Rachel Stone, who embarks on a risky mission to prevent an opponent (Bhatt) from stealing an asset from her multinational spy outfit known only as the Heart. Tudum of Netflix characterized the object as “the world’s most powerful AI.” Gadot previously told PEOPLE that the secret to a good partnership is to “put the egos aside.” She produced the action spy thriller Heart of Stone with her husband, entrepreneur Jaron Varsano. “I think our biggest thing is that once we agreed to disagree, it kind of took all the tension away because he has his own point of view, I have my own, and it’s okay if we don’t think the same,” she said of her 15-year marriage. “The fact that with these big movies that I’m so lucky to get to do, you get to travel for long periods of time, far away—and this way we’re doing it together, and it actually works brilliantly,” she explained. Pilot Wave Motion Pictures, the couple’s production firm, was launched in 2019. Sophie Okonedo, Matthias Schweighöfer, Jing Lusi, and Paul Ready all star in the new film. Heart of Stone will be available on Netflix on Friday. Schwarzenegger appears in the Netflix action series Fubar and the Netflix documentary series Arnold.

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