Igor Cavalera Admits Pantera Has Become Sepultura’s Biggest Liability

Sepultura’s Igor Cavalera recently spoke with Metal Hammer about the bands they played with and revealed which one was the most liability. The singer stated: “Pantera. We toured with them at the height of their careers, when they had a lot of money to experiment with new things and drank a lot of booze. It felt as if anything could happen.” While Igor chose Pantera, Max chimed in with the band he found the most difficult to tour with. He remembered: “I’d pick The Dillinger Escape Plan because they were a riot on stage every night.” It was thrilling to watch because you knew wild crap would happen. They’d throw amps into the audience, or Greg Puciato would jump from the balcony.”

Despite the fact that Max and Igor are no longer with Sepultura, who are presently touring Europe, when Metal Hammer asked if they ever plan to reunite with the band, Igor replied: “We’re getting weary of talking about it. I’d love to play with Max, and if it occurs for the right reasons, it will. If it doesn’t, I’m fine with that as well.” The rocker didn’t completely close the door, so Max added: “We’re so happy with the way things are now that I don’t see the need.” It’s perhaps possible that keeping the original as a sacred artifact is for the best. But because I don’t have a crystal ball, I can’t predict what will happen in the future.” Igor Cavalera’s interview with Metal Hammer may be seen here.

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