‘I Can Say Eric Clapton Is God,’ he says. Exclaims Former KISS Guitarist

Bruce Kulick, ex-KISS guitarist, gave Goldmine a list of the top ten bands and albums that transformed his life and shaped him into the artist he is today. Aside from KISS, the guitarist highlighted the only other band and record he has ever adored, saying: “It’s Cream, ‘Disraeli Gears.'” I wanted to be Jack Bruce and Eric Clapton after hearing this mighty trio. I still admire this band [Cream], and these great musicians have imprinted their DNA on my musical soul.

” He went on to explain how Cream’s work convinced him Clapton was a “guitar god”: “I adore Jack’s bass playing, and I believe Clapton is God based on his execution and emotion on this album.” Despite his desire to be a member of the three, Kulick brought everything he learnt from Cream to work, including his involvement in KISS. KISS fans were ecstatic lately when Bruce uploaded a video on Twitter of himself performing alongside Gene Simmons and Eric Singer at a special performance in Las Vegas.

Because this was Kulick’s first performance with the band in nearly three decades, the tape sparked speculation among fans about a possible reunion during KISS’s farewell tour. According to the guitarist: “‘Deuce,’ with some KISS moves at the end!” Yesterday’s KISS fan show was a lot of fun for everyone!” A fan responded to Bruce’s tweet with: “It would be so amazing to see you back on stage with them, dude.” There has been no word from either side about a reunion; in the meantime, Bruce is concentrating on his solo work and on the road with Grand Funk Railroad. More information on the tour may be found here. Bruce Kulick’s interview with Goldmine can be found here, and you can listen to Cream’s ‘Disraeli Gears’ CD below.

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