Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of Wolverine in Deadpool 3 and its connection to the Loki season 2 finale

A trustworthy leaker claims that the story of Deadpool 3, which stars Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, picks up right where the second season of Loki left off. There will be spoilers ahead. At the end of season two, Loki, the title immortal, accepted the responsibility of his Glorious Purpose. The God of Mischief assumed the role of the God of Stories, replacing He Who Remains, and took charge of managing the timelines in order to preserve both the Sacred Timeline and its alternative threads. In the meantime, the TVA is now more focused on finding Kang variations than on eliminating variants. Deadpool 3 is the sole and next Marvel film that will be released in 2024, despite the recently disclosed delays. In the multiverse storytelling of the franchise, the Marvel film starring Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Ryan Reynolds as Merc with a Mouth will serve as a major narrative link between Loki season 2 and Avengers Secret Wars. Spoiler site MyTimeToShineHello claims that Deadpool 3’s events occur following the conclusion of Loki Season 2. When the TVA learned that the Kangs were assembling and that a fresh Multiversal War was about to begin, they raised an army of heroes from other universes, primarily dying worlds, to battle the Council of Kangs.

“Mobius [Owen Wilson] is being replaced by Mr. Paradox [Matthew Macfadyen]. Mobius was originally going to stay in it for a while and might still make a cameo, but they decided to just leave him out of this plot. He is attempting to enlist Wolverine and will make a major comeback in the Avengers movies. After tampering with time, Deadpool, a prisoner at the TVA, learns of it and manages to flee. Instead, he intends to persuade Wolverine to accompany him so that they might become best friends.
This would account for the set images of the two in the Void and the meta joke of the enormous 20th Century Fox logo, which alludes to the previous X-Men film franchise prior to the Disney takeover.

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