How the Korean War destroyed Corey Taylor’s family is revealed

The lead singer of Slipknot, Corey Taylor, spoke candidly about his grandfather’s struggles with PTSD following the Korean War in a recent interview with wingding Media. He described: “My grandfather served in the Korean War. He was severely traumatized after the battle, to the point where drunkenness took hold of him. My grandfather and my grandmother’s marriage was completely shattered as a result, and by the time I was born, he was no longer even considered a member of the family. Sincerity be told, I didn’t even aware he was my grandfather until I was older. I had no meaningful connection to him; he was merely a person whom my mother would take me to visit. The singer not only revealed that he didn’t know who his grandfather was until he was older but he too also experienced similar personal struggles. Corey expressed: “As I got older, I realized the things that had affected him and why these things happened it became something that I thought about a lot, especially when it pertained to my own issues with addiction, my own issues with PTSD and the things that I was going through in my life as a young person.” After overcoming his own difficulties and the things his grandpa endured, he established the Taylor Foundation.

Corey continued by stating what the organization’s goal was: “As my career developed and I encountered and interacted with veterans, members of law enforcement, and members of the emergency services, I realized how much my music had aided them, and I thought, ‘Well, then I could take this even further.'” Therefore, the Taylor Foundation was established with the primary purpose of assisting PTSD-affected veterans, members of the law enforcement and emergency medical services, and their families, as well as groups working to address the issue locally. As of now, so nice. The rocker’s 28-city tour in support of his most recent solo album, “CMF2,” which debuted at the end of August, is presently underway. Before his final headlining performance at The Wiltern in Los Angeles on October 5th, Taylor will make visits around the US in Detroit, Orlando, Dallas, and other cities. Here is where you can find out more details about tickets. The Corey Taylor interview with wingding Media is available to watch below.

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