“He knew the dance was too sexy”: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Oscar-Winning Co-Star Improvised Her Stripping Scene in $379M Film That Made Terminator Star Uncomfortable

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a highly recognized actor who has amassed enormous glory and recognition during his decades-long career in Hollywood. The Oscar winner has appeared in a slew of big-budget, action-packed, thrilling films, several of which have become fan favorites. While the actor has worked with many famous people over his career, one of his co-stars, Jamie Lee Curtis, once told an anecdote about how he was nervous about working with her in the James Cameron-directed 1994 American action comedy picture True Lies. The actor was nervous when filming an intimate scene with his co-star Curtis, who stated that the 76-year-old star was hesitant to play her love interest in the film since he was friends with her father, Tony Curtis. As a result, he was concerned about her casting as his wife in the film. In True Lies, Arnold Schwarzenegger was hesitant to kiss his co-star Jamie Lee Curtis.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a multi-talented individual. He is a fantastic actor, businessman, filmmaker, and former pro bodybuilder. Schwarzenegger has demonstrated his exceptional abilities in all of the disciplines in which he has been involved. The Predator star has worked with a slew of A-listers, including Academy Award winner Jamie Lee Curtis. However, one would be surprised to learn that he was hesitant to work with her in the James Cameron-directed action comedy True Lies. In the film, he played Harry Tasker, the husband of Helen Tasker, who was played by Curtis. The Perfect movie actor once revealed that her co-star was uncomfortable kissing her during a scene in the film while playing her partner.

She claimed he was afraid to film those personal sequences with her because he knew her father, Tony Curtis, with whom he had previously collaborated on the 1992 film Christmas in Connecticut. The actress, 64, told Yahoo Entertainment, “Arnold knew me as Tony’s (Curtis) daughter. He only knew me as Tony’s daughter. He loved Tony Curtis. So I’m sure Arnold just looked at me like it’d be like kissing your niece or something. I guarantee, in fact, he did not want me to be in that movie. I think he just thought it would be weird. We knew each other a little bit socially. I just don’t think he thought of me as his leading lady. I think he thought of me as Tony’s little girl. And it was Jim (James Cameron) who said, ‘No, I’ve written this for her. She’s the one to do this with you.’” Because Arnold Schwarzenegger was acquainted with her father, Tony Curtis, he felt embarrassed kissing her during those intimate passages and was first uncertain about her casting as his wife in the film, according to Jamie Lee Curtis.

In a candid interview, famed actress Jamie Lee Curtis revealed that director James Cameron let her choose the song while filming her now-famous striptease sequence in front of co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger. The actor assisted in improvising the part, noting that she had no rehearsals and was not assisted by a choreographer. “The thing that nobody knows: There was no rehearsal, there is no choreographer. Jim said to me, ‘What do you want to dance to?’ It was when John Hiatt’s ‘Bring the Family’ album was out, and I said, ‘There’s a song called ‘Alone in the Dark’ that has this really funky rhythm.’ And I said, ‘I really like that song.’ And that’s what they played.” “It’s because Jim knew that the dance was too sexy; it was too real. It started to actually be good, and he knew he needed to break the spell of what the husband had put his wife through. I think we did two takes where I let go of the pole.” It was all her effort, and she absolutely pulled off that sequence smoothly, despite Curtis’s reservations about recording it. The James Cameron-directed action comedy film received good reviews from both audiences and critics, grossing $379 million at the global box office.

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